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MIMIT Central Library

MIMIT has 10500 sq.ft double story well stocked library. It has three reading halls equipped with best furniture . Two reading halls are fully air-conditioned with the capacity of 84 seats. Library has also one discussion chamber. The total reading capacity for readers is 145.

MIMIT Central Library has various sections and its staff is very cooperative and well qualified. The library is building a good collection of documents in the domain area of the organization and providing various kinds of library services to the users like as CAS, SDI, Inter Library Loan, Photocopy, Document Delivery and Online Service. Apart from this, the quite and serene environment of library makes it an ideal place for study.


To be a leading MIMIT Central Library in Engineering and Technology, Applied Sciences, Management, Humanities and Social Sciences by delivering innovative services which echoes the diverse and dynamic sprit of MIMIT Malout Community.


To excel in collecting, organizing, preserving and providing access to the best educational resources and providing high quality, innovative services; and creating a conducive environment where users can engage in lifelong learning.


We are committed to provide updated, accurate and authentic information to the community by offering best in class infrastructural facilities.


  • To provide educational resources and related services in several formats that meets our users’ demands.
  • To reinvent the physical and virtual space of the library to fulfill the needs of our students and faculty in the future.
  • To educate users about various services and resources.
  • To foster a collaborative culture for amalgamation of information resources and its users.
MIMIT has fully stocked and well equipped central library to cater the needs of students, teachers and researchers. Library has printed as well as electronic versions of books and journals belonging to various subjects in the domain of the institute. Library has a computer lab which includes two servers, 35 computer systems, projector, 3 scanners and related peripherals which aids in e-learning. Students can access various e-resources and does the project work in this lab. Library has a Xerox Section which includes latest photo copy machines. It is providing photo copy service to its users at nominal cost.
Residential Courses
Library has large collection of books for students of various engineering courses and management courses in the college. Staff of library encourages learning and creativity among students by providing required resources and conducive environment.

Research Facilities

Library has a fine collection of journals, dissertations and other resources, which provide research facilities and enhance the research skills among its stakeholder.

Interlinked with Network Station  

Library is interlinked with DELNET which enables users to access the information resources from all over the world that are not available in the library.

Book Bank
Library has a book bank for the benefit of SC/ST students.

MIMIT has following sections :

Circulation Section

This section lends books and facilitates returning and reissuing of the issued books. Mr. Anmol Ratan and Ms. Manju handles this section.

Periodical Section

At present, 107 print journals and more than 5000 e-journals have subscribed by the MIMIT Central library. Mr. Raj Kumar manages the periodical section.

Technical Section

Ms. Shikha handles the technical section and all the library material is classified through DDC scheme. These materials are available in subject wise in different sections .

Digital Collection

More than 3000 CDs, DVDs, etc. related to learning are sorted and classified in CD racks. Some of the digital material is also available at  MIMIT Repository.  Mr. Raj Kumar and Ms. Sukhwinder Kaur control the digital collection.

Reference cum Consultation Book Section

Some material of the library is not issued to the users, but users have access to this material in the library. This section involves reference books and some important consultation books  which are very helpful to the users. The in charge of this section is Mr. Raj Kumar.

Xerox (Photocopy) Section

Generally Journals, Reference Books, Rare and Consultation books are not issued to the users but users can take photocopy of these materials. The photocopy of any material can be received in photocopy section at a nominal price . Mr. Pavitar Singh is handling this section as a Xerox Operator.

Computer Lab

Library has a computer lab which includes two servers, 35 computer systems, projector, 3 scanners and related peripherals which aids in e-learning. Users can access various e-resources and can do the project work in this lab.

Book Bank

MIMIT Central Library has been established Book Bank for SC/ST category students with the grant received from Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Punjab. Book Bank is providing 6 books (as per availablity) to the SC/ST  and needy students for the complete semester in the beginning of each academic session, apart from the normal facility of lending 4 books from Central Library.

MIMIT has 10500 sq.ft. double storied well stocked fully automated library. This library is the first library in Punjab State that is interlinked with DELNET (Developing Library Network). It has established a digital library which includes e-journals, e-books, e-reference sources, databases of theses and dissertations, subject gateway and MIMIT digital resources etc.

The Detail of Library Collection as follow:

Name Quantity
Books (Including e-books) 29425
Printed Journals 107
E-Journals 5000+
Newspapers 25
CD/DVD  (Learning) 3250 
Other A.V Material (Audio-Vedio Cassettes etc.) 470 
Bound Periodicals (Vols) 627

The main aim of the MIMIT Central Library is fulfilled the need of its members. In this regard, MIMIT Central Library is providing following services:

Lending Service 

Information Literacy

Photocopy Service  

Current Awareness Service

Selective Dissemination of Information 

Inter Library Loan 

Document Delivery Service

Printing Service

Online Service

Library Timings 

Library will open as per following schedule:

  • Monday to Friday: 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM
  • During Exam days: 9.00 AM to 1.00 AM
  • Issue Timings: 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM and 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM.


  1.       DELNET
  2.       National Digital Library
  3.       PSECLNET
  4.       Punjab Library Association
  5.       IKG PTU

Library Committee

  •        Dr. Iqbal Singh Brar, Librarian
  •        Dr. Manish Bansal, Associate Professor
  •        Dr. Sonia Sharma, Associate Professor
  •        Dr. Bharat Naresh Bansal, Assistant Professor

Library Staff

  1. Dr. Iqbal Singh Brar, Librarian
  2. Mr. Raj Kumar, Library Assistant
  3. Ms, Shikha, Library Assistant
  4. Ms. Sukhwinder Kaur, Junior Assistant
  5. Mr. Anmol Ratan
  6. Mr. Pavittar Singh, Xerox Operator
  7. Ms. Manju, Library Clerk
  8. Ms. Ravi Jain, Library Clerk
  9. Mr. Gourav Kumar, peon
  10. Ms. Beant kaur, Peon

Library Staff

Dr. Iqbal Singh Brar (M.A., M.LIB. & I.SC., PH.D.)
Dr. Iqbal Singh Brar (M.A., M.LIB. & I.SC., PH.D.)Designation – Librarian (Selection Grade)
Mobile No. – 09417093230
E-mail – librarianmimit@gmail.com
Mr. Raj Kumar (M.LIB. & I.SC.)
Mr. Raj Kumar (M.LIB. & I.SC.)Designation – Library Assistant
Mobile No. – 09464206638
E-mail – rajmalout@gmail.com
Ms. Shikha (M.LIB. & I.SC.)
Ms. Shikha (M.LIB. & I.SC.)Designation – Library Assistant
Mobile No. – 08427300156
E-mail – shikhakath@gmail.com
Ms. Sukhwinder Kaur (M.A, DCA)
Ms. Sukhwinder Kaur (M.A, DCA)Designation – Junior Assistant
Mobile No. – 09478607197
E-mail – sukhwinderkaurmahi@gmail.com
Mr. Anmol (M. Lib. & I. Sc.)
Mr. Anmol (M. Lib. & I. Sc.)Designation – Library Clerk
Office No. – 9914118859, 9988118859
E-mail – anmolkathpal@gmail.com
Mr. Pavitar Singh (B.A, I.T.I)
Mr. Pavitar Singh (B.A, I.T.I)Designation – Library Clerk
Mobile No. – 09417305482
E-mail – bittumatharu7@gmail.com
Ms. Manju (B.A)
Ms. Manju (B.A)Designation – Library Clerk
Mobile No. – 08427099877
Ms. Ravi Jain (10 +2 , DCA)
Ms. Ravi Jain (10 +2 , DCA)Designation – Library Clerk
Mobile No. – 09041571711
Mr. Gaurav Kumar
Mr. Gaurav KumarDesignation – Attendant
Mobile No. – 07837277872
Ms. Beant Kaur
Ms. Beant KaurDesignation – Peon
Mobile No. – 09988929028



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