MIMIT has 10500 sq.ft. double storied well stocked fully automated library. This library is the first library in Punjab State that is interlinked with DELNET (Developing Library Network). It has established a digital library which includes e-journals, e-books, e-reference sources, databases of theses and dissertations, subject gateway and MIMIT digital resources etc. User can access MIMIT Central Library at LAN level at https://mimitlibrary.ac.in

Library Collection

Sr.No Name Quantity
1 Books 25000
2 Printed Journals 109
3 E-Journals 5000+
4 Newspapers 17
5 CD/DVDROMS 3250 (Books, Learning CD and Journals)
6 Other A.V Material Floppies, Audio and Video Cassettes etc.
7 Bound Periodicals 627 Vols.