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Library Rules

MIMIT has set up following Library Rules:-

  • The books shall be issued to students for 30 days after which the same must be returned / reissued .
  • If the books are not returned / reissued on the due date, an overdue charges @ Rs 1/-(One Rupees) per book per day will be charged for the period, the books are kept beyond the due date
  • In case a book is lost or mutilated by the borrower, he/she shall bear the cost of replacement which is twice the cost of book. If a book is a part of the volume set, the reader will have to replace the whole set.
  • Reserve books, Reference books, Rare books, Dissertation, Project Reports, Newspapers and Periodicals are not issued generally except with the written permission of the Principal.
  • The books may be renewed if the same are not in demand or are not reserved by other readers. The reissue will be done generally on the physical presentation of the books.
  • Library books will be issued to students on the Library cum I-Card, every time a book is borrowed or returned.
  • The loss of Library cum I-Card should immediately be communicated to the Librarian so that the library staff may keep an eye upon the issue of books on the lost Library cum I-card.
  • The students who is Library cum I-card has been lost will be held responsible for books issued on such card to any one.
  • Sticks, umbrellas, handbags, boxes and other eating and drinking material are not allowed in the library except the Labtops/Tablets and Note Books.
  • The students are expected to read notice board/Library Blog published by the Librarian from time to time. No excuse will be entertained for ignorance of information notified earlier.
  • In the interest of the fellow readers, Perfect order and silence should be maintained in the library at all times. Any infringement of this rule will be punished with a fine or loss of privilege to use the library for a specified period..
  • If the book is found defected or damaged in anyway the lost borrower will be required to replace the book or pay double the price as damages. The borrower should therefore examine the book and call attention of issuing authority to the defect detected at the time of issue of the book. The issuing authority will sign on the book as evidence of the same.
  • A No Due Certificate is given to the borrower as per norms of the Boad of Governor(BOG) laws. (As per Bye law 22.4 c, The securities remaining unclaimed for two semesters succeeding the end of the semesters in which the students left the institute either by completing a particular course or otherwise shall lapse).
  • Any student found guilty of keeping a book or other library material illegally with his/her entry will be banned and strict action will be taken.
  • The audio video material issue for one day, if any discrepancy on audio video material the reader shall bear double cost of the complete set.
  • Books on the loan may be recalled at any time by Librarian.
  • Member shall not mark of damage the books and other library property. If any member infringes the rules he/she will required to bear the loss as well as disciplinary action.
  • Library Timings is given below: Monday to Friday: 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM Issue Timings: 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM and 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM.
  • Four library books will be issued to all the classes.